Unleashing Your Inner Artist

Mackenzie Performing Arts has been impacting the way people view artistic education. We offer the community a number of options when it comes to classes and workshops. From general workshops, term tuition to extensive events, we’ve got something great for everyone of all ages!

Foundational performance 
School term based classes

3-4 yr olds 30 minute class  

 5-7 yr olds 30 minute class 

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This is a foundational performing arts class for our youngest performers. This class will introduce telling a story and creating a performance through acting, singing and dance.

Arms Unfolding
Contemporary Dance  
School term based classes

8-12 yr olds 45 minute classes 

13-18 yr olds & Adults 60 minute classes 

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Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements.

School term based classes

8-12 yr olds 45 minute class 

13-18 yr olds & Adults 60 minute class 

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Acting Classes and Drama Lessons are designed to engage the young actor in the NOW. In our acting classes and drama lessons, students use their imagination to ground themselves in character, expand their senses while using the space, and dig deep into the circumstances that the character must live. In the classes, students learn to build their work from the inside out by asking the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of a character, and learn to seek out the truest expression and life of that person.

Musical Theatre and Show Jazz -
School term based classes

8-12 yr olds 45 minute class 

13-18 yr olds & Adults 60 minute class 

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Musical Theatre is our 'Triple Threat' class. It introduces students to the songs, dances, and stories of Broadway Musicals. Classes consist of a brief warm-up, learning the repertoire of Broadway show tunes, acting and staging techniques. This course is devoted to the enjoyment of musical theatre and an appreciation for Broadway musical productions. 
Modern Popular Jazz is taught in this class. It is upbeat, engaging, slick, feminine and expressive. It is the next development from Jazz Funk from the 90‘s, we migrate to Jazz Pop for todays modern student.
Jazz Pop rejects many of the strict rules of classical ballet, focusing instead on the expression of the rhythm and flow of each movement. Technique is the foundation to all modern jazz dance movement. To excel in Jazz / Jazz Pop, dancers need to focus on both dance skills; 1. expression and 2. technique, as it encourages grace and control of execution of movement whilst allowing freedom of expression also.

Guitar, Songwriting and Recording

8-12 year olds (45 minutes)

Adults (60 minutes)

In this program you will learn about song structures, chord progressions, and writing lyrics. You will learn how to combine guitar and voice together. You will be introduced into recording and how to record the voice and instrument into computer software and mix this into a full track.

1:1 Private lessons

Day and time to be confirmed with the student. 

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Mackenzie Performing Arts Academy 1:1 lessons are run by Amy & Michelle two qualified and experienced Speech Language Therapists, who specialize in vocal performance, but also who are trained in the performing arts, and Rob Martin and Internationally recognised Vocal Coach making this a very unique and specialised program. 
Book yourself in for a term (10 weeks) of 1:1 singing, speech or dance lessons with our lead tutors. 
All private lessons will be tailored to the student and will be a combination or practical and theory. 
Opportunities may arise for students to compete in competitions and examinations.



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